Stop getting confused with parts of speech!

Welcome to a Clive’s English Corner post!!
Grammar… Oh boy! ESL learners have a love-hate relationship with it. Most likely because of how terribly and profusely it was taught to you, but there is a better and simpler way to all of this confusion.
Today’s topic is Parts of Speech!
They are basically the categories where words fall depending on the function they have. The essential parts of speech you should be most familiar with are:
  • Noun: The word used to identify people, things, places, etc. Examples: Driver, Computer, Car, intelligence, life, etc. The driver is very careful.
  • Adjective: The word that describes the noun. Examples: Intelligent, live, alive, fast, slow, etc. She is a fast runner
  • Verb: Cough, cough! Those words you hated in elementary school or high school Cough, cough! LOL! No, seriously, the word that names the action being performed. Examples: Drive, fly, write, sleep, eat, etc.  She drives well.
  • Adverb: The word that describes how that action is being performed. Examples: Intelligently, lively, hard, slowly, fast, well etc. He drives very fast.
There are many other parts of speech, but we will stick to these for now.
Now go on and check the video! and you will get a thorough explanation.
                                                        👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

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