Have you had your English “workout” today?

Hello everybody!

Welcome to another Clive’s English Corner post!

Today we discuss a very underestimated topic related to language learning process, and that is incorporating English or any target language for that matter into your everyday life.

Instead of “studying” English for long periods of time a few times a week, you should spend short time spans using your language of interest on a daily basis. Do you remember any calculus? Some of you may be, but the vast majority won’t because the barely applied it to anything useful. When you use English every day, or at least very frequently, you’re telling your brain that this is an important and necessary skill.

Ideally, you should have some English Coaching or Mentorship, and you should practice what you learn every day, for short periods of time. Think about it as getting your daily workout done!

Check out the video for a further discussion of this topic!

Featured image credit: https://unsplash.com/@stevenerixon


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