Short-term goals vs Long-term goals

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Clive’s English Corner post!

Today we will move a bit away from grammar; instead, let’s talk about a concept that it is key in your English learning journey or almost every aspect of life!

Short-term goals vs Long-term goals

Most people have dreams or aspirations in life, and these are mostly driven by goals. Usually, we set a very ambitious goal for us to achieve before a certain age or timeframe. However, it is a huge disservice to ourselves when we obsess over this distant future instead of focusing on the little steps that need to be taken to get to that end game.

If we think about learning a new language, the best way to face this task is to set yourself short-term goals(small victories); eventually, you will become a competent language user. Say you know how to read English quite well, but you will not dare to speak a word of it. If so, you should ask yourself, do I know how to introduce myself? do I know how to describe my environment? These might sound insignificant to you, but can you do it with your voice, with your own words?

Start small! Your goals must be attainable, so by getting more and more abilities down you should be able to become an accomplished language user, or better yet, become accomplished in whatever you set your mind to!

Check out my video explanation!


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